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The City has prepared a historical Capital Improvement Program (CIP) summary of projects completed within the past 10 years.  The CIP Summary Document identifies the costs associated with project construction as well as the geographic location within City boundaries. Also, the summary separates outside funding and City funding.

Please reference the Citywide Project Location Map (linked below) which delineates the project areas into the following categories:

  • Capistrano Beach

  • Doheny/Harbor Area

  • Central Dana Point

  • Lantern Village

  • Lantern District

  • Monarch Beach

It is important to note the following:

  1. Projects are listed in the fiscal year they were completed, and some spanned multiple years.  

  2. Project work to maintain existing improvements (streets, storm drains, parks, facilities, etc.) was implemented based on need and the condition of City assets. Location of the work completed was not a factor in prioritizing repairs of existing improvements.

  3. The City Council has sole authority to decide what Projects are to be implemented/funded as part of the budget approval process, or at other times during the year.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact Matthew Sinacori, Public Works Director/City Engineer, at (949) 248-3554.

In accordance with the City Municipal Code Section 14.01.540(c), “Moratorium on Newly Paved Streets,” The City does not allow street cuts on streets that have been newly paved or resurfaced for a period of five (5) years unless an emergency to public health and safety exists. If a street with a moratorium is cut for any reason, the required asphalt repairs will be per the City Engineer. In most cases, the street will need to be entirely resurfaced with a minimum two (2) inch overlay from curb to curb in the area of work. In streets where a moratorium exists, the City Engineer may allow tunneling as an alternative to street cuts as long as there is enough space outside the paved surface to accommodate the tunneling operation. Tunneling will not be allowed in a street where a moratorium exists if the asphalt concrete pavement surface will be impacted. All damage caused during the work shall be repaired in kind within five (5) working days from the completion of the work.

To view a list of streets subject to the City’s Street Moratorium, refer to the City of Dana Point Streets Subject to Street Moratorium Map (PDF).

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects are non-recurring major construction or repair projects undertaken by the City of Dana Point. CIP projects can include; land and right-of-way acquisition; the construction, major repair, reconstruction or replacement of capital items such as: buildings, roadways, bridges drainage facilities and parks; purchase of major equipment with long life expectancy; or projects requiring debt obligation or borrowing.

To learn more about the City of Dana Point’s CIP Projects, please click on the links below: 

The following is a list of City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects currently in construction or anticipated to begin construction in 2018. To learn more about a specific project, click on “Project Name."

Project No. Project Name                                                                                         



Arterial Roadway Pavement Preservation FY18/19 (PDF)

Arterial Roadway Resurfacing FY18/19: PCH Roadway (Niguel Rd to Green Lantern) (PDF)

 If you have any questions or comments regarding the construction activities, please contact the Public Works & Engineering Services Department at (949) 248-3554 or send an email to

The following is a list of funded Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects scheduled for Fiscal Year 2017/18 and Fiscal Year 2018/18. Partially funded projects (*) may be completed in later years and require future approval from the City Council. To learn more about a specific project, click on the “Project Name”

Project No. Project Name
1284 Crown Valley Parkway Median Rehabilitation Project (PDF)
1291 Capo Beach Connectivity Study Enhancements (PDF)
1293  Citywide Storm Drain Repairs FY17/18 (PDF)
1294 Citywide Storm Drain Repairs FY18/19 (PDF)
1295 WQ/Diversion Repairs and Maintenance FY17/18 (PDF)
1296  WQ/Diversion Repairs and Maintenance FY18/19 (PDF)
1297 Slurry Seal Program FY17/18 (PDF)
1298 Slurry Seal Program FY18/19 (PDF)
1299 Roadway Rehabilitation and Repairs FY17/18 (PDF)
1300 Roadway Rehabilitation and Repairs FY18/19 (PDF)
1301 Sidewalk/Concrete Repairs and ADA Improvements FY17/18 (PDF)
1302 Sidewalk/Concrete Repairs and ADA Improvements FY18/19 (PDF)
1303 Traffic Safety Repairs and Improvements FY17/18 (PDF)
1304 Traffic Safety Repairs and Improvements FY18/19 (PDF)
1305 Arterial Roadway Pavement Preservation FY17/18 (PDF)
1307 Annual City Parking Lot Repairs FY17/18 (PDF)
1308 Annual City Parking Lot Repairs FY18/19 (PDF)
1309 Annual Residential Resurfacing FY18/19: Curb & Gutter - Via California (PDF)
1310 Arterial Roadway Resurfacing FY17/18: Crown Valley Parkway (PCH to Camino Del Avion) (PDF)



AB2766 Fund – Authorized by the State, fees are imposed on motor vehicles by the air pollution control districts. The fees are collected by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and distributed to local agencies by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to be used for the projects which improve air quality.

Coastal Area Road Improvements and Traffic Signals (CARITS) Fees – The CARITS Fee Program will finance the construction of roadway gaps, intersection improvements and traffic signals within the coastal area circulation system of the County.  The road improvements to be funded by this program are identified in the South County Road Improvement Action Plan.

General Fund – The capital budget is often supported by the transfer of unencumbered monies from the City’s General Fund,  which results from annual Operating revenue exceeding annual Operating costs. Accurate General Fund contribution forecasting is difficult and dependent on the City’s future year ability to match costs with revenues. General purpose funds may be used to finance any capital project.

Measure M Fund – Renewed Measure M (M2), the Revised Traffic Improvement and Growth Management Ordinance, provides for the collection of one-half (1/2) percent retail transaction and use tax to fund the Transportation Improvement Program, typically used for road repairs.

Park Development Fees – Section 7.36 of the Dana Point Municipal Code (DPMC) requires the dedication of land for park facilities or the payment of in-lieu fees as part of subdividing property.  The payment of in-lieu fees for park and recreation purposes instead of dedication of parkland is allowed if the location or topography of the subdivision is not conducive to the development of parks and recreation facilities at this location. Such in-lieu fees shall be equal to the value of the parkland that would have been dedicated.  Fees collected in this Program shall be used for park improvements citywide.

Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 – Under Section 2030 of the Streets and Highways Code, Cities are allocated a share of the revenues derived from fuel taxes and vehicle registration taxes.  These revenue allocations must be used for public projects related to road maintenance and rehabilitation, safety projects, traffic control devices and complete street components.

State Highway User's (Gasoline) Taxes – Under Sections 2013, 2105, 2106, 2107, and 2107.5 of the California Streets and Highways Code, cities are allocated a share of the revenues derived from the state taxes on gasoline.  These revenues are restricted in their use to the construction, improvement and maintenance of public streets.

Other Grant Funds – Other Federal, State and County agencies may provide grant funding for specific programs that the City may obtain for specific projects such as, but not limited to, water quality, bicycle facilities improvements or natural resources programs.

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