The City Council is asking for your help in evaluating our City’s change to by-district Council elections. Dana Point, like over 77 cities and 169 school districts across the state, is seeking input in how voters elect their local representatives.  Beginning in 2018, City Council members could be elected by-district, instead of the current citywide elections in which all voters have the ability to vote for all Council seats.  Under the law, districts must contain equal numbers of citizens and there may be five, seven or nine districts.

We encourage your input prior tomaking a determination on this change.

A step in evaluating the process is to draw Council election districts that keep neighborhoods together. The Council wants to know: what do you consider the boundaries of your neighborhood?

Please see the following schedule of events:

Date Event
February 20 Council adopted Resolution of Intent
March 6 & March 20 Two public hearings to solicit public input on the potential composition of draft maps
March 23 Deadline to post initial draft maps
April 3 & April 17 Public hearings to solicit public input regarding the content of the draft maps and the proposed sequence of elections
May 1 Public hearing followed by introduction and 1st reading of ordinance implementing selected map and election sequence
May 15 2nd reading and final adoption of ordinance
November 6, 2018 Three Council districts hold first by-district elections
November 3, 2020 Remaining two districts hold first by-district elections
2021 Districts redrawn to reflect 2020 Census data