Show Your LOVE Dana Point

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Every Litter Bit Hurts 

No matter what you call it. . .litter, trash, debris or junk. . .preventing litter in Dana Point needs a commitment from everyone in our community in order to achieve resolution and success. 

A beautiful city doesn't just happen on its own.  Make your commitment to the City of Dana Point to help achieve our goal to become a more sustainable beach community.


Show Your LOVE Dana Point and become a Zero Hero!!!


What's your favorite spot in Dana Point?  A relaxing park bench to enjoy the scenic views?  Sitting on the shore and enjoying the crashing waves?  Enjoying a meal while watching boats leave the Harbor?  What is it about that place that inspires you and instills a sense of delight and pride to call Dana Point home?

Show Your LOVE Dana Point harnesses the power of community to bring recognition and appreciation to the everyday and familiar things we do to promote anti-littering and resources conservation at home.  It also evokes a mindset forward to imparting that same pride and love when we are out in our neighborhood and the community at large.  Show Your LOVE Dana Point by making simple personal commitments such as:

  • Encouraging personal responsibility and positive action to conserve resources
  • Working in partnership with neighbors to reduce litter
  • Taking responsibility for keeping your own immediate area clean
  • Make a pledge to pick up one piece of litter daily. . .every little bit counts!
  • Fast food = fast litter.  Walk those few extra steps to put trash in its place
  • Prevent the gum shoe blues. . .toss your chewing gum into the trash can

Show Your LOVE Dana Point is a frame of mind that recognizes meaningful individual actions collectively result in enriching and enhancing Dana Point's beauty.  By creating spirited, inspirational and engaging anti-littering programs and activities, the City encourages folks looking for creative ways to make a difference and ways to become a Zero Hero!!


Steps to Become a Zero Hero:


ADOPT-A-SPOT:  Individual friends, neighbors, students as well as community and social groups can choose to adopt a park, a street, a block, a bus stop, a vacant lot, a median or create your own adopted area you feel needs special attention. Remember, every effort counts, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.

The Only Cure for Litter is YOU:  Students. . . Gather your friends and classmates for a group effort in combating litter in your hometown.  Do you have community service hours to fulfill this year?  Zero Heroes are needed on our beaches, within our parks, at special events taking place in Dana Point throughout the year and in other high traffic areas such as around school entrances/perimeters or trash prone areas.


Dana Point is a Zero Waste Place

We can all make smart, sustainable choices by looking at our current habits and practices and seeking ways in which to lessen the amount of waste we produce by 4 simple steps:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycling and Repurpose.

EDUCATING THE COMMUNITY:  In February 2012, the Dana Point City Council adopted the Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance (DPMC 12-04) in order to REDUCE the adverse environmental impacts of single-use plastic bags and to promote a major shift towards the utilization of REUSABLE bags to carry away goods.  The first phase of the Bag Ban commenced on April 1, 2013 for the City's largest retailers.  On October 1, 2013, the Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban will begin for the remaining affected retail establishments in Dana Point which includes:  grocery stores, convenience stores, minimarts, liquor stores, drug stores, pharmacies, retail stores and all vendors.  The bag ban does not apply to plastic product bags used for produce, unprepared fish or meat, bulk food, newspaper, dry-cleaning or pet waste.  Additionally, restaurants and other providers of prepared take-out food and liquids are also exempt from the Ordinance.

Did you know that one reusable bag can replace hundreds or even thousands of single-use plastic bags over the course of its lifetime?  The advantage of reusable bags is that the bag can be used over and over again, thus creating a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste from plastic bags as well as reducing the amount of waste from plastic bags as well as reducing the amount of production needed for paper bags.

The California Department of Public Health gives practical tips for the Use and Care of Reusable Bags both at home and at the store.

Additionally, the City of Dana Point will be launching a signage program to inform our multi-family residents who utilize waste bins and for the public pertaining to our public trash cans throughout the City.  Did you know that waste disposed in these locations is processed at a recycling facility in order to pull out the maximum number of recyclable materials?  This process REDUCES the volume of waste being hauled to the landfill and increases the amount of goods available to RECYCLE.

WHAT ABOUT AT HOME?  Do you have clothing/furniture/small appliances that can be REUSED by friends or neighbors?  How about collecting those partially used paint cans, household cleansers and herbicides/pesticides you no longer need and taking them to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center located within the Prima Deshecha Landfill once a year?  While you are there, please visit the Stop and Swap Material Exchange Program to check out their supply of partially used household, yard and car-care products.  This free service allows OC residents to take 5 items home with them for REUSE.  Please click on the link to learn more about the Household Hazardous Waste programs.

With the implementation of State Law AB341 (Mandatory Commercial Recycling effective July 1, 2013) businesses, more than ever, have a vested interest in recycling their business waste in order to promote sustainable business practices while enjoying cost savings with waste disposal.

Here are 8 simple things you can do to promote Sustainability at the Office:

  • Open the windows and turn off the A/C
  • Create a company-wide environmental policy (please click here to view the City of Dana Point's internal policy)
  • Call CR&R, the City's waste hauler, to learn more about the variety of recycling programs available to your business and how you may benefit from these sustainable programs
  • Purchase recycled-content office supplies and buy from local merchants, manufacturers and farmers
  • Donate unwanted office equipment or materials for reuse or recycling
  • Retrofit lighting and water fixtures for efficiency
  • Reduce or eliminate toxic chemical use
  • Encourage transportation alternatives for employees - Bike to work!

Please visit the links below for some helpful resources on the journey to business sustainability: