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“Subdivisions of land” are defined in the Dana Point Zoning Code as “ a division of a tract of land into defined lots, either improved or unimproved, which can be separately conveyed by sale or lease, and which can be altered or developed pursuant to the Subdivision Map Act. Subdivisions shall include condominium projects as defined in Section 1350 of the California Civil Code and a community apartment project as defined in Section 11004 of the Business and Professions Code.”

Where an applicant proposes the subdivision of a single, legal parcel of land into four (4) or fewer new parcels or units, the project shall require submittal of a Tentative Parcel Map. Subdivisions of a single, legal parcel into five (5) or more parcels or units shall require submittal of a Tentative Tract Map.

Approval Process

All maps must be approved by the City Planning Commission (“Subdivision Committee”) at a public hearing and subsequently recorded with the County of Orange. In approving the proposal, issues of concern for the Subdivision Committee may include but not be limited to:

  • Conformance with minimum lot size or lot area per unit requirements of the applicable zoning regulations for the property;
  • Dedication and/or improvement of adjacent public rights-of-way to ultimate standards in conformance with the General Plan Circulation Element;
  • Installation and/or commitment to install all site infrastructure (streets, water and sewer lines, etc.);
  • Conformance with the City's Subdivision Code and the California Subdivision Map Act as to form and content;
  • Conformance with the standards for Vesting Tentative Tract Maps (if applicable).

For questions regarding the subdivision of land, contact the Planning Division at 949-248-3563 and/or the Building/Safety Division at 949-248-3554. Staff are available to discuss proposals Monday – Thursday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM on Fridays.