Weed Abatement and Landscaping

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The City of Dana Point administers an annual Weed Abatement Program, authorized by state law, to abate noxious weeds on private property. Many of the areas considered for abatement are vacant lots, empty slopes, and open space corridors. The City Council must consider and pass resolutions to obtain the right for the City to abate the nuisance. Council must declare weeds to be a public nuisance on known properties, offer notice to property owners, provide property owners with the opportunity to abate the weeds or to be heard as to why said weeds should not be abated, and notice property owners that abatement procedures will proceed as required.

There is an exception that native brush or chaparral outside of the fuel break zone shall not be removed, but the property owner may have deadwood or litter removed subject to a plan reviewed and approved by the Department of Community Development.

The Code Enforcement Officer overseeing the weed abatement program will inspect properties, create the abatement list, notify owners, and oversee abatement of the nuisance.

For further information or questions regarding weed abatement, please contact Angela Duzich at (949) 248-3565.