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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the next steps?

  1. There will be a joint City Council/Planning Commission meeting on November 3 at City Hall.  Opticos Design, Inc. (Opticos) will present an overview of the outcomes of the planning charrette, including the land plan developed for study in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Keyser Marston Associates will provide a summary of the financial feasibility analysis of key development concepts.
  2. A consultant will then be selected (December 2015) to prepare the EIR for the Doheny Village plan.
  3. Opticos begins preparing the form based code which will guide the future development of the Doheny Village area, including building types, scale, mass, height and define allowed land uses for the area (January-April 2016)

Does the City intend to acquire any property in the area?

The Opticos plan does not call for acquisition of land by the City, so it is not anticipated at this time.  This could change in the future if it is determined that public parking is required to support the new uses in the Village.  In any event, the City can only acquire private property for a public use, such as parking, street right of way, parks or other publicly-owned facilities.  The Opticos plan calls for development of several open space areas as components of enhanced development sites.

How will this new Plan affect the current residents and businesses?

The Plan will result in a zoning code amendment.  However, current legal uses will be allowed to remain and will be classified as "legal, non-conforming" if they do not comply with the final zoning regulations that are adopted.  In that case, substantial modifications or intensification of uses would not be allowed under the new code.

How long will it take for this Plan to materialize?

The Doheny Village Plan is considered a long-range land use plan.  Once adopted, its implementation will depend on the desire of the property owners to redevelop their own properties in accordance with the new Plan.  There are a number of factors affecting those decisions, including real estate market conditions and project feasibility.

As to the public improvements in the Plan, once adopted the City will begin to identify funding to implement the public portion of the Plan.  Again, this is a long-range Plan and all of the identified improvements will take time to implement.

Project Schedule

November 3, 2015    Joint City Council/Planning Commission Meeting
December 2015 City Council selects EIR consultant

December 2015 - April 2016   

Form based zoning code is prepared
Summer 2016 Land Use Plan, EIR and zoning code amendments approved by City Council
Fall 2016 Local Coastal Plan Amendment is submitted to the Costal Commission for review and approval

If you have any additional questions pertaining to the Doheny Village Plan, your specific property, and the project schedule, please contact Cindy Nelson, Interim Economic Development Manager, at or (949) 248-3519.