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Science Night; Comets and Asteroids – Visitors from our Solar System with Spencer Murray


Keep exploring and learning at our Science Night events! Every 2nd Wednesday (except December) scientists, naturalists, and esteemed experts explore a range of topics regarding natural sciences and our environment.

Spencer Murray is a member of Orange County Astronomers and active participant in OCA’s Outreach Program which allows thousands of young children the opportunity to look through telescopes, many for the first time. He volunteers at The Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo and Caspers Wilderness Park. He is president of Caspers Park Preservation Foundation.

Comets and Asteroids – Visitors from our Solar System” is a nontechnical presentation answering such questions as, What’s the difference between a Comet and an Asteroid?, Where do they come from?, Why do Comets have two tails?, What is the origin of meteor showers?, Where would you most likely find a meteorite?, and many more.

Dana Point Community Center


34052 Del Obispo St, Dana Point, CA 92629 

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