Relocation Building Permits

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Building within City of Dana Point

Pre-Relocation Inspection Fees Fees
Main Building and Attached Accessory $185 more than 600 square feet (plus building, electrical, pluming, and mechanical permits)

Detached Accessory Less Than 600 square feet


Detached Accessory Inspected Same time main building on same lot

Reinspection $28
Building Outside City of Dana Point

Same as within City of Dana Point Mileage Charge

$1.30 per mile. Greater than 30 miles from City Hall, one-way.
Relocation Inspection Fees Fees
Actual building permit fees are based on the valuation assigned by the inspector upon completion of the prerelocation inspection. The schedule used to calculate actual relocation inspection fees is equivalent to that of nonresidential buildings regardless of occupancy classification.
Special Investigations

Record Search Only

$22 plus copy costs

Complete Investigation

$140 plus copy costs

More Service Fees