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Planning Fees
Amendment to Previous Development Approvals (Minor) $190
Appeal of Community Development Director Decision Single Family  $250
Other  $500
Appeal of Planning Commission Decision Single Family  $250
Other  $500
Building Plan Check/Planning Division (Hourly Rate) Max. of $196
Coastal Development Permit   $1,633
Administrative $347
Emergency $288
De Minimis Waiver $268
Combined Planning Application Hourly Rate
Conditional Use Permit Minor $392
Minor as per Section 9.07.150 ("Recycling Ordinance") $57
Major $2,355
Development Agreement $5,571 deposit
Hourly Rate
Environmental Impact Review Hourly Rate
Environmental Impact Report Preparation Actual cost for preparation plus 10% contingency cost
General Plan Update - Surcharge .001 x value of bldg. levied with bldg. permit
General Plan Amendment
(represents estimated average charge - Hourly Rate)
General Plan Consistency $586
Landscape Plan Check/Planning Division - Hourly Rate Max. of $98
Massage Application Fees

Initial Application $460
Renewal Application $240
Appeal Fee $500

Mitigated Negative Declaration $2,269
Permit Fee - Extensions Administrative Fee $196
Planning Commission $392
Preliminary Planning Review $300
Sign Permit $49
Sign Program $392
Site Development Permit $2,943
Minor $392
Special Use Sign Permit Banners, pennants & flags $25+$125 deposit

Portable signs

Initial Application Fee $15/year
Renewal Application Fee $10/year

Specific Plan Preparation or Amendment Fee $5,571 deposit

Temporary Site Development Permits

Special Events/Event Application (application fee) includes seasonal activities, fireworks, and seasonal fruit sales

a. Single Event $35 per occur.
b. Comprehensive Single Event  $190 up to eight (8) events
c. Master Event Plan $1,900 deposit for nine (9) or more events

Major Event $ 584
Film, Video & Still Photography $50
Vendor Permit $166

Tentative Parcel Map $1,760
Tentative Tract Map $3,401
Variance $844
Zone Change Hourly Rate
Zone Text Amendment $4,307

More Service Fees