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Homelessness has become a critical focus for many communities across the nation. The City of Dana Point understands the need to coordinate resources to provide services to improve the situation of homeless individuals and families living in our community.  Through the recent community survey, the City learned responding to the number of homeless in Dana Point is ranked among the most important services the City can provide.

Currently, Police Services, the Public Works Department and the City Manager’s office are coordinating on a daily basis to address the situation.  In addition to City staff’s efforts, the City is contracted with Mercy House to provide outreach services on a full-time basis.  You can reach the outreach worker by calling (949) 441-6269.

To learn more about the business of the Homeless Task Force click here.  On October 25, 2017 a report was given to the Homeless Task Force by Larry Haynes, Executive Director of Mercy House on the details of the Dana Point homeless population and recommendations to consider. The presentation can be viewed here.

Community Work Plan to Address Homelessness

On June 5, 2018 the City Council adopted the Community Work Plan to Address Homelessness

January 2019 Statistics

Measurement Jan-2019
Outcome: Reduce the number of individuals on the streets of Dana Point
Total number of individuals contacted by Outreach 21
Number of individuals housed (permanent, rental, shelter, treatment) 2018 3
Number of individuals fallen out of housing programs 2019 0
Number of individuals who are assessed for housing (active and inactive) 2019 24
Number of housed client follow up visits made by outreach 6
Number of active clients working with outreach 32
Number of individuals given prevention/diversion or housing resources 0
Number of non-resident individuals reconnected to their support system 0
Number of SLH/RRF releases that involved overnight support 0
Number of active clients that are SLH/RRF releases 1
Number of individuals that are early-releases from the criminal justice system 0
Outcome: Dana Point’s Public Spaces are welcoming and safe for residents and visitors
Number of ‘bins’ used to store property collected from public spaces 2.5
Number of hours spent by Public Works Crews addressing abandon property and engaging with homeless 42
Outcome: Dana Point’s residents are well informed of homeless issues
Number of hits to the city’s Homelessness website 127
Number of public information announcements/ communications efforts 16
Outcome: Dana Point’s Homeless say safe, healthy, law abiding while awaiting housing and services
Number of individuals deceased 0
Number of collaborative engagements with County Health Care Workers, Dana Point Police Services and other agencies assisting with case management. 48


To find what resources are available please click here.  

Please click here to find out more information on keeping your business safe.

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Homelessness throughout the nation please visit https://endhomelessness.org/ and https://www.unitedtoendhomelessness.org/

Information on the County of Orange Care Coordination efforts click here

For more questions or concerns about this Community Outreach effort please contact us at outreach@danapoint.org

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