Historic Inventory Update

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The City is in the process of updating its Historic Inventory that was developed in 1997. The current Inventory was produced by historic preservation firm Aegis. The City’s Inventory identifies a total of 73 historic resources, of which 39 were voluntarily added to the Historic Register and 37 are participating in the Mills Act Program.

In 2015, the City Council initiated an update to the Historic Inventory because it is 20 years old and the Town Center Plan calls for an update to the Inventory. The update is also necessary because potential historic structures that were constructed after the 1940s have not been evaluated.

City of Dana Point hosted a public workshop on September 26, 2017 and noticed owners of properties identified in the updated Inventory and stakeholders to obtain their comments and input in this process.

The draft Inventory was completed by historic preservation firm Architecture Resources Group (ARG). The scope of the Inventory update included surveying properties citywide that have the potential to be historic (properties constructed prior to 1975) and resurveying previously designated properties. The Inventory identified 109 individual buildings (59 were previously identified in the 1997 Inventory) and 12 non-historic building (structure, objects, and sites) as potential historic resources. 31 properties from the 1997 Inventory are recommended for removal from the City’s Historic Inventory because they were either significantly modified resulting in a loss of historic integrity or were demolished.

A copy of the draft Historic Inventory and Evaluation Spreadsheet (Exhibit A) are available in the links below. The draft Inventory update includes the City’s history, survey methodology, the City’s Historic Contexts, historic resource evaluation criteria, relevant architectural styles, and survey findings.

Property owners with questions about their property’s classification or looking for more information about the Historic Inventory update are asked to contact the Senior Planner, John Ciampa by email at jciampa@danapoint.org or by telephone at (949) 248-3591.

*Note the Inventory update includes a memo based on the re-evaluation of the Monarch Bay Mall community which is located at the beginning of the document. 


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