Weed Abatement

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The Clearing of Weeds on Vacant Lots and Open Space Areas

Every spring, the City Council initiates a procedure to notify the owners of vacant lots, open space areas, and certain private property slopes that they will be required to remove any and all hazardous vegetation and dry weeds from their property. 

This procedure, once enacted, requires the Council to declare weeds to be a public nuisance.  Each of the property owners will receive a letter with instructions to remove as a public nuisance "weeds" that, when dry, become a fire hazard.  If the property owner fails to remove the weeds within 30 days, it will result in the City clearing the property and adding the charge to their tax bill.

There is an exception that native brush or chaparral outside of the fuel break zone shall not be removed, but the property owner may have deadwood or litter removed subject to a plan reviewed and approved by the Department of Community Development.

For further information or questions regarding Weed Abatement, please call W. L. Beattie at (949) 248-3576.