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Sandbag Use and Pick Up Locations

Post Date:01/05/2016

Winter 2015-2016

The City of Dana Point thanks you for doing your part in helping to prevent erosion pollution and protecting our environment. This handout describes the proper use of sandbag barriers for redirecting rain water or sediment control. If you have any questions, please call the City at (949) 248-3584.

A sandbag barrier consists of a row of sand-filled bags placed on a level contour. When appropriately placed, a sandbag barrier intercepts and slows sheet flow runoff, causing temporary ponding or redirecting of surface runoff; sandbags are not waterproof. The temporary ponding provides quiescent conditions allowing sediment to settle. While the sand-filled bags are porous, the fine sand tends to quickly plug with sediment, limiting the rate of flow through the barrier. Sandbag barriers also interrupt the slope length and thereby reduce erosion by reducing the tendency of sheet flows to concentrate into rivulets which erode rills, and ultimately gullies, into disturbed, sloped soils.
Plan ahead and get sandbags early before their supply becomes scarce!

Sandbag barriers may be suitable for the following uses:

• Below the toe of slopes and erodible slopes
• As sediment traps at pipe outlets
• Down slope of exposed soil areas
• Around temporary stockpiles and spoil areas
• Parallel to a roadway to keep sediment off paved areas
• Along streams and channels
• As linear erosion control measure
• Along the face and at grade breaks of exposed and erodible slopes to shorten slope length and spread runoff as sheet flow
• At the top of slopes to divert runoff away from disturbed slopes
• As check dams across mildly sloped construction roads
• Redirecting rain water away from sensitive areas

Design and Layout

• Locate sandbag barriers on a level surface if possible.
• Turn the ends of the sandbag barrier up slope to prevent runoff from going around the barrier.
• Allow sufficient space up slope form the barrier to allow ponding and to provide room for sediment storage.
• For installation near the toe of the slope, consider moving the barrier away from the slope toe to facilitate cleaning. To prevent flow behind the barrier, sandbags can be placed perpendicular to the barrier to serve as cross barriers.
• Butt ends of bags tightly.
• Overlap butt joints of row beneath with each successive row.
• Use a pyramid approach when stacking bags.
• Waterproof, plastic sheeting may be necessary if the purpose is to redirect rainwater and avoid water sensitive structures.

Inspection and Maintenance

• Inspect prior to forecast rain, daily during extended rain events, after rain events, and weekly during the rainy season.
• Sandbags exposed to sunlight will need to be replaced every two to three months due to degradation of the bags.
• Reshape or replace sandbags as needed.
• Repair washouts or other damage as needed.
• Sediment should be removed when the sediment accumulation reaches one-third of the barrier height.
• Remove sandbags when no longer needed. Removed sediment accumulation and clean, re-grade, and stabilize the area.
• Degraded sandbags may rupture when removed, spilling sand.
• Ruptured sandbags must be cleaned up immediately to prevent the sand contents from entering into the street or storm drain system and then to our beaches.



The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)
While supplies last, the OCFA can provide up to 30 free sandbags per resident. Residents must provide proof of Dana Point residency. Sandbags can be picked up at the following Stations serving Dana Point:

• Station No. 49 31461 Golden Lantern Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (sand and sandbags)
• Station No. 30: 23831 Stonehill Dr. Dana Point, CA 92629 (empty sandbags only)
• Station No. 29: 26111 Victoria Blvd. Dana Point, CA 92629 (empty sandbags only)

For additional information, please call (714) 573-6000 or visit:

City of Dana Point Community Center

For small, localized emergencies within the City of Dana Point, private residents may obtain up to 15 filled sandbags (while supplies last) per customer, per address at the Dana Point Community Center located at 34052 Del Obispo St. Proof of residency will be required and no sandbags will be available to commercial contractors. For additional information, please contact Public Works at (949) 248-3554 during normal business hours.

Sandbags for Purchase
Sandbags can be purchased from the following locations:

• Ganahl Lumber: 34162 Doheny Park Road, (949) 496-5765
o Empty Sandbags: $0.59
o Full Sandbags: $2.57
• Lowe’s: 907 Avenida Pico, San Clemente (949) 369-4644
o Empty Sandbags: $0.70
o Full Sandbags: $2.09
• White Cap Construction Supply: 33061 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano (949) 493-9448
o Empty Sandbags: $0.65

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