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Science Night

Nature Close Up – Modeling Garden Design After Natural Ecosystems

Please come and join us and learn about current Science-related topics presented in a family-friendly format. Generally, hands-on activities and/or displays will be present and geared towards children.

This month's topic is "Nature Close Up – Modeling Garden Design After Natural Ecosystems" and will be a great opportunity to learn about California native plants, local ecosystems, and creating space for wildlife and nature to flourish. See the following for more information on our speaker and the Tree of Life Nursery, and the event flyer for more information detailing the presentation.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans was born and raised in southern California and demonstrated an early love for the outdoors.  He worked with several nurseries both retail and wholesale, before establishing Tree of Life Nursery in 1976.  The nursery specializes in native California plants.  Tree of Life Nursery promotes a style of authentic horticulture, specifically the concept of appropriate landscaping with native California plants.

Mike is affiliated with numerous conservation, horticultural and botanical organizations and is past president of the International Plant Propagators Society and the California Society for Ecological Restoration.

With his experience in native plant production, design, landscaping, and ecological restoration, Mike Evans advocates a present-day California that deserves to look like the true “California.” His hobbies include hiking, surfing, photography, music, reading and writing.  He serves as pastor of a Spanish language Christian church in San Juan Capistrano.


Tree of Life Nursery

Tree of Life Nursery was established in 1976 and is now the largest native plant supplier in California.  The 40-acre nursery produces a high quality line of California natives on the historic Rancho Mission Viejo in San Juan Capistrano.  More than 500 species and varieties of native plants are grown in various container sizes.  Tree of Life provides plants for landscaping and ecological restoration at the wholesale level.  In addition, natives are made available to the general public through Casa ‘La Paz’ where plants and books are on display for retail sales.  The nursery website, provides information on the use of native plants in the garden.  The Tree of Life Nursery catalog, entitled “Plants of El Camino Real,” is used as a planning tool for horticultural professionals and garden enthusiasts working with native plants.

Please contact the Natural Resources Department for more information at or (949) 248-3527

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